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Francis “Kiko” Magalona 1964-2009

photo courtesy of photo courtesy of chuvaness

An ICON died yesterday.
Not only did he marked this world as the “Master Rapper” among other things he was proud to be PINOY! I have been reading his journals in Multiply getting inspirations and strengths  continuing fighting his happy battle.
I saw my husband shed a tear for the second time yesterday. The news came as a shock for us, thought it was a joke coming from but then I checked chuvaness (who’s a good friend of the Magalonas) and it was confirmed.

We are expecting to see him perform tonight at the Eraserheads Concert. I guess we would have to wait for the Sickos Project CD to hear him sing again.

I guess news touched a soft part on my heart. Yesterday I learned that my colleague’s husband have prostate cancer and with Nanay battling the breast cancer herself, I could not help but realize that the big “C” is indeed very real.  I have been tough through Nanay’s battle and want to stay that way, I can see thru her eyes that she’s drawing her energy from me and my siblings so we have to be strong.

Today is Tatay’s bday, and I regret that I can’t go home today but don’t worry Tatay we will have a blast tomorrow. I will kiss and hug you for I love you both.