whatta crappy monday

Today was supposed to be my last day of work —  for the year. But if I was to describe my day today… it was a very crappy monday!

I guess it started last night. I was wrapping up some tasks so I can have a long holiday rest, I peeked into my mailbox, lo and behold I had like 25 freaking emails and more than half of them are to do’s to be done on one day! WTF! So to get started, I worked my ass last night till early morning to wake up after 3 hours to work again. Can’t believe I was in front of my PC for almost 10 hours straight! Thought I can only do that on TV series marathons.  At 700pm I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner. >.<

I am so freaking tired now… but I need to go back to work… promise Dad, three more tasks to go… and tomorrow i’ll sleep on the way to Quezon.


What I Did Last Weekend

My weekend started early last week. Come to think of it, my weekend started Wednesday night. Was supposed to go to UP for the Lantern Parade but was caught up with work but I caught dinner with my high school best friends. The Cornejo’s are back in town for the holidays, so it was nice seeing all the girls present that night. Had my first Christmas gift, a pashima from Faith, thanks!

Friday was Tracy’s shower. Mae, Faith and Bevs had late lunch in Glorietta, was supposed to go but guess what… was again caught up at work. So I just went straight to Neo Spa in Fort for the much needed massage and some major girl bonding! Tried to do some christmas shopping but was too adamant to buy things.

Saturday was my high school barkada’s christmas party. Had a lot of things lined up for us that day but we woke up late. We need to spray insecticide at home and need to vacate it for an hour. Went to Greenhills to pick up my gifts for the girls — and some window shopping — while Menard had change oil for Charchar. The shirts are great! and were a hit with the girls. Menard wants his own as well. Amazingly, there was no traffic going to Tracy’s place BUT we got lost inside BFRV. The guard does not even know Tracy’s street! WTF! There’s a lot of guardhouses now… talk about confusing. I think we spent 30 minutes going around the village! The party was one major bonding moment. Friend bashing… ehehe. BTW, Edu arrived that morning form San Diego. So the barkada was almost complete (a hard feat). Looking forward January for another major barkada bonding when the Bagunu’s arrive from Washington. Stayed there till after midnight.

Sunday, Menard and I woke up late — even on a sunday — 1pm! Did some work for my Aussie boss and went to Trinoma to buy me a dress for the wedding.  Good thing I was able to find one on my size. Hope to look good on it next Sat for Tracy and Doc’s wedding.

Busy busy busy. Hope to relax a bit this week.

TV not on TV

I am a sucker for TV shows… not on TV but on my PC.
For months now I have discovered a goldmine that keep me sane — though it’s does not help keeping myself focus on my job but hey it’s better than playing online games,  right?
And now I am proud to say that I am up to date with popular US TV shows. Thanks to video streaming — I am such a leech and no I don’t download.

There are several sites that I go to for my TV shows cravings: ch131, latest-episode and fastpass.tv. Each of them special to me but my favorite is ch131. Come to think of it, a day won’t pass without me checking updates on their site.


fastpass.tv have changed their settings and won’t allow IP’s from other countries except the US… that sucks! ch131 sitll the best!

Hello Worldpress!

I welcome myself to WP!

I have been tweaking around and wants to get my hands dirty with the nitty gritty…

WP here I come!

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