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whatta crappy monday

Today was supposed to be my last day of work —  for the year. But if I was to describe my day today… it was a very crappy monday!

I guess it started last night. I was wrapping up some tasks so I can have a long holiday rest, I peeked into my mailbox, lo and behold I had like 25 freaking emails and more than half of them are to do’s to be done on one day! WTF! So to get started, I worked my ass last night till early morning to wake up after 3 hours to work again. Can’t believe I was in front of my PC for almost 10 hours straight! Thought I can only do that on TV series marathons.  At 700pm I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner. >.<

I am so freaking tired now… but I need to go back to work… promise Dad, three more tasks to go… and tomorrow i’ll sleep on the way to Quezon.