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Jack is Back!

So it was back to work this week.  Dragged myself to wake up at 730am, pressed the snooze button twice and was online by 810am — yup still late.

Overwhelmed by the number of tasks to do, I was pooped out by 4pm. Now I am back to my ritual of resting while watching my favorite US  TV shows, blog hopping and the likes before going to the shop.

I tumbled upon this video in You Tube.  🙂

Pretty neat huh? First I thought it was for real! But with DiCaprio looking so young I began to doubt it, here is a link to the author’s website. Was hell tired but this video made my day!


TV not on TV

I am a sucker for TV shows… not on TV but on my PC.
For months now I have discovered a goldmine that keep me sane — though it’s does not help keeping myself focus on my job but hey it’s better than playing online games,  right?
And now I am proud to say that I am up to date with popular US TV shows. Thanks to video streaming — I am such a leech and no I don’t download.

There are several sites that I go to for my TV shows cravings: ch131, latest-episode and Each of them special to me but my favorite is ch131. Come to think of it, a day won’t pass without me checking updates on their site.

edit: have changed their settings and won’t allow IP’s from other countries except the US… that sucks! ch131 sitll the best!