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I am back!

I have been neglecting this blog lately as I was busy with a lot of stuff in real life, being a wife, a daughter, a nurse and even a grandmom (courtesy of Char’s nephew) but I promise to place some of my thoughts here whenever I can. So here it goes!

The last quarter of last year was not a very good health wise. My mom was operated on her breast cancer and have to undergo 8 sessions of chemotherapy and is now undergoing daily radiation therapy. Thanks to our good friend in PCSO we were able to get some of her medicines for free it surely made us feel like Lotto winners. Thank you also for the support of our family and friends we were able (and still)  fighting to keep off the big C.

On  September, we welcomed Cian Drayl. A very healthy baby boy which makes us crazy everyday with his new antics.

October was Ondoy’s month, good thing we are on the second floor and did not suffer any water damages, well except for our car’s carpet being wet.

November was Nanay’s 70th bday, we originally planned a big party for her but with her recent bout with the Big C we just opted for a simple family and friends gathering at our house in Laguna. We had a sumptuous lunch with roast pork that I cooked, for merienda I grilled burgers which was a HIT! Yummy!

December was crazy with parties and traveling it was such a blur. Family reunions left and right, so as reunions with high school and college friends.

Looking back, 2009 was not a very bad year for all of us hopefully 2010 will be much better.