Christmas 2008

Christmas was spent with my in-laws in Quezon. Left Manila on the 23rd was back late night of the 26th. Traffic was horrendous!

23rd was Lolo Papa’s 71st Bday. Bought Becky’s brownies and cheesecake for pasalubong… yummy! But had engine trouble on the way… we overheated three times.. because of the broken radiator fan. Good thing we passed by Laguna and had it replaced. Arrived in Lopez by 11pm, Papa was already asleep so we just had quick dinner before resting.

24Dec was spent most of the day sleeping. Woke up late, ate breakfast then slept again. Had our annual family Christmas party at the Serdon’s house. Food was great, bought mashed potato with gravy and brownies. First time I experienced the family “Manitohan” which turned out to be an exchange gift with my “Manito”.

25Dec was the day to give a little something to the kids and kids-at-heart. Every year, after the Christmas morning mass, it has been a family tradition to give a small Christmas token to well wishers.  We had to cut the line before noon as it has been drizzling all morning. Nonetheless, this year’s headcount was still 400+. Lunch was great and we had mango cheesecake for dessert!  Saw Macy for the first time and missed Fiona :(. Tired from the morning activities we spent most of the afternoon sleeping… again.

26Dec woke up early only to be lagged behind by our maid, who at first does not want to take a bath because she just had  a tooth extracted(duh!!). Traffic was smooth until we passed by Batangas… then it was crawling till we arrived to Laguna. Had dinner and some rest before we went back on the road. Was back home a few minutes before midnight… dead tired.


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